In the summer of 2023, we carried out a project with 6 invited artists in Riddarhyttan based on the location and its special character. The workshop week, Makers Space, lasted 5 days and ended with a presentation of everyone's processes and work on the last day. We will continue with the Makers Space project during the summers

crafting in collaboration with the local community.

Invited artists 2023

Klara Brynge (swe)

Katrin Lindgren (swe)

Simon Sjöström (swe)

Ester Cavallin (swe)

Serhii Pohrybyskyi (ukr)

Ruslana Nedashkivska (ukr)

In collaboration with Riddarhyttan's Allactivities House, we are building a “craft cottage”. There will be several looms in different sizes, sewing machines, carving tools and materials for knitting and crocheting.