We have three residence/studio apartments with kitchen, shower and wc. Each apartment has the option of sleeping for one person and a work desk in the same room. The kitchen is relatively large with a dining table for 4-6 people and can also be used for work if you want. The possibility of arranging two beds is available if desired.


There are a lot of surrounding places to visit and get in touch with as an artist at Studio Kolingen.

Here is a list: 

Teatermaskinen link: https://teatermaskinen.com

GG Print Studio   link:  https://www.grafikverkstan.se

KKV västerås  link:  https://kkv-vasteras.se

Galleri Svarta Gran link: https://www.svartagran.com

Konsthallen Meken Smedjebacken link: https://www.mekensmedjebacken.se

Ställbergs gruva  link: https://www.stallbergsgruva.se

Norberg with its anual festival  link: https://norbergfestival.com

Ekomuseum Bergslagen link:  https://ekomuseum.se

Baggå skola cafe och B&B link: https://www.baggaskola.com

Maskinhuset Grängesberg  link: https://www.facebook.com/maskinhusetgrangesberg/?locale=sv_SE

Galleri Astley link: http://www.galleriastley.com