Studio Kolingen  Artist in Residence


Studio Kolingen is a nonprofit organization and a new up-coming Artist in Residence in Sweden. We welcome artists from most diciplines and can provide machines and tools for woodworking, iron smithing, clay-work, silver smithing, print making.


Studio Kolingen is located in Riddarhyttan in Västmanland County. Riddarhyttan is an old and former iron ore and copper mining area. As part of Bergslagen Riddarhyttan is special known for its richness of minerals. Therefore, also historical important, full of now so called dead land with leftovers from the former industry.

Nowadays this village is more of a memory of its former self, but still very interesting, we think.


We who run Studio Kolingen - Jan Dahlberg and Elisabeth Billander - are artists and teachers within art and craft, and live in the same house as our visiting artists. We met in 2020 and start working together in 2021 with an idea and a vision about create a meeting point for creative people. That is now Studio Kolingen! 


For more information about us or to apply for residence at Studio Kolingen, please send us a message. 

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